December 7, 2011

Former assemblyman Williams is two years late on his campaign-finance-violation fine

After two years of not paying on a fine stemming from a campaign-finance violation, former assemblyman Wendell Williams sent the state a $100 check.

The check arrived over a month after his wife, Zelda Williams, informed the Las Vegas Sun the check had been mailed.

The Sun reported that the state plans on continuing their pursuit of a civil action from the attorney general's office for Williams' additional $9,400 in unpaid fines.

Williams' $100 payment was his first payment towards the fines since August 2009, and he owes another $1,940 to the City of Las Vegas for using a city phone and incorrectly reporting time cards during his tenure in the Legislature.

According to the Sun, the city wrote off Williams' debt after unsuccessfully trying to collect it from him.

NPRI's Steven Miller chronicled Williams' troubles in his "Lawmakers vs. the Law" series published last Spring.