December 13, 2011

Heller reintroduces 'no budget, no pay' bill

Senator Dean Heller (R., NV) reintroduced his "no budget, no pay" bill on Tuesday that would withhold congressional paychecks if Congress fails to compromise on a budget resolution by the beginning of the fiscal year.

Heller previously introduced his bill in July, citing Congress' inability to pass a budget since 2009, but the bill was never brought to a vote.

The "no budget, no pay" idea has bipartisan support with Rep. Jim Cooper (D., TN) introducing companion legislation in the House. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) and former-Indiana senator Evan Bayh (D) have also expressed their support.

Cooper and Heller announced their bills as part of the No Labels campaign, a nonpartisan organization working to "make Congress work!"

Government accountability has been one of Heller's goals since he was appointed to former-senator John Ensign's seat last summer. He was an outspoken advocate of transparent Joint Deficit Reduction Committee meetings and has never voted for congressional salary increases.