December 29, 2011

Transparency Review (12/26-12/30)

  • A coalition led by the AFL-CIO hopes to collect 72,000 signatures on a proposal to force lawmakers to consider a business tax next session. The coalition's proposal is similar to the "margins tax" introduced by Democrats during the 2011 Legislative Session. If the Legislature doesn't act, the initiative would be placed on the 2014 ballot.

  • Beginning next election cycle, Secretary of State Ross Miller will have limited subpoena powers to question third-party and anonymous Internet attack ads. Miller's new power was part of the omnibus campaign finance reform package passed last session.

  • The Elko Daily Free Press editorial board supported a recent state Supreme Court ruling regarding government e-mails as public records. The recent ruling involved former governor Jim Gibbons, and said Gibbons can't cite confidentiality as a reason to withhold e-mails he sent while in office. Instead, Gibbons must provide a "general, factual description of each record withheld."

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