January 4, 2012

Campaign finance reports to be available electronically

The Nevada News Bureau reports:

Starting with the annual campaign contribution and expense reports due Jan. 17, elected officials and candidates must now file their information electronically with the Secretary of State’s office.

[...] A new law that took effect Jan. 1 requires the electronic filing, which will make the information about who is contributing to candidates easier for the public to review.

Prior to this law, campaign contribution reports and financial disclosure statements were often filled out by hand and mailed to the Secretary of State's office where they were scanned into an unsearchable PDF format and put online.

The need for more accessible campaign finance reports became apparent last March when it was revealed that Rory Reid created a series of shell PACs to help funnel more than $900,000 to his failed gubernatorial campaign. Reid eventually settled with the Secretary of State's office and paid a fine of $25,000.