January 11, 2012

Democratic registration edge in half since 2008

After enjoying a 100,000+ voter registration edge in 2008, Nevada Democratic party registration has shrunk to half that much today:

Nevada Democrats’ once seemingly insurmountable voter registration edge is dwindling, with the latest numbers showing the margin at its narrowest since 2008.

Active Democratic voters in the state still outnumber Republicans by 50,000 voters, according to figures released today by Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

But following the 2008 election, which saw President Barack Obama elected in a landslide, the Democratic advantage stood at 100,000.

Put another way, Democrats, at their high-water mark in 2008, had 44 percent of Nevada voters to 35.5 percent for Republicans. Now, Democrats’ advantage of 41.5 percent to 37.8 percent.

Jon Ralston, however, cautions the state GOP that it shouldn't get too overconfident about these numbers.