January 16, 2012

Number of "nonpartisan" voters climb

It's not just Democrats who are experiencing major changes in their voting numbers; the number of "nonpartisan" voters continues to rise:

“Nonpartisan” — sometimes called “independent” in other states — voters have reached their highest share since 1985, which is as far back as available voter registration data goes.

As of last month, about 16 percent of active Nevada voters — 171,000 people — were nonpartisan, up from about 14 percent in 2000. In 1985, just 7 percent of Nevada voters were registered nonpartisan.

While impressive, active nonpartisan voters still have a way to go before they approach the two major parties. Democrats outnumber active nonpartisan voters 2.6 to 1 while Republicans outnumber them 2.3 to 1.