January 31, 2012

NV GOP to release caucus results via Twitter, Google

This is pretty cool:

First in the West and now first on Twitter.

The Nevada GOP will release results of its presidential caucus next Saturday on Twitter — a first for the social network and presidential politics — under a deal announced Friday.

Google also will use the state party website to show a map of Nevada-wide results, precinct by precinct, as they're reported throughout the day — just as the company did for the Iowa caucus Jan. 3.

Twitter is such a natural platform for this sort of thing that I bet we'll see more of it in the future. Forcing state parties to develop their own websites to handle a massive influx of visitors, only to be stale the next morning, makes little sense. Instead, why not leverage a platform with over 300 million users that has already figured out how to distribute bits and bytes to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously?

Not to mention it'll help promote the state party in an election year that'll see hard-fought presidential and senate contests.