January 30, 2012

Where Obama stands on 'Sunlight before Signing'

Cato @ Liberty reports on where President Obama stands on his "Sunlight before Signing" promise. As a candidate, Obama had promised that bills would be given five days of public comment before being signed.

Of the 90 bills that became law in [2011], 55 got the Sunlight Before Signing treatment. That’s a 61.1% average, good enough to earn a middle-school student a D. ...

Year three was stronger than the previous two, so President Obama’s overall Sunlight Before Signing record moves to 52.4%. That’s poor execution on a transparency promise that energized audiences on the 2008 campaign trail.

In 2009, his record was a dismal 4.8 percent, which he improved to 72.3 percent in 2010.