February 24, 2012

Four more Assembly Dems file amended reports following Sun story

A review by TransparentNevada has found four additional Assembly Democrats — along with three already identified in an earlier report — filed amended Contribution and Expense reports with increased campaign expense amounts following a story by the Sun's Anjeanette Damon that discovered lawmakers not itemizing expenses relating to official duties.

The four members are Majority Leader Marcus Conklin, Skip Daly, Marilyn Dondero Loop and Peggy Pierce. The Las Vegas Sun reported last night on the amendments filed by Conklin, Dondero Loop and Pierce.

Here are the expense numbers of the original and amended reports, with links pointing to the respective documents along with the date of the amendment:

NameOriginal expensesAmended expensesDifferenceDate
Marcus Conklin$112,746.71$115,625.21$2,878.5002/20/12
Skip Daly$5,078.31$9,242.42$4,164.1102/19/12
Marilyn Dondero Loop$10,736.77$15,898.49$5,161.7202/19/12
Peggy Pierce$5,040.00$7,674.00$2,634.0002/20/12

TransparentNevada found that no Assembly Republicans or state senators filed amended reports following the story.

Update (2/24/12): Marilyn Kirkpatrick was originally listed as one of the lawmakers who filed an amended report following the Sun story but her amendment was filed January 17, not February 17. TransparentNevada regrets the error.

Update (2/24/12): Clarified wording.