February 9, 2012

Reno launches transparency website

Today, the City of Reno launched a new website dedicated to making city government more transparent and accountable.

The site contains information on the city's "checkbook," business licenses, 911 dispatch information, two sections on energy output and maps of city zoning and property boundaries. Full salary and benefit information will be added to the site in June, according to city councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza.

Future plans for the site include creating an "open government team" staffed by members from various government agencies "in order to identify other opportunities to share data and be more transparent." They're also soliciting feedback on what types of data people are interested in and how to make city government more transparent.

Nevada, Clark County and Las Vegas should look at what Reno has done here as an example of open government done right. Kudos to Reno for a great first step.