March 22, 2012

Changes to Nevada Legislature considered

Las Vegas Sun:

Nevadans will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment in November that would allow the Legislature to call itself into special session with a two-thirds vote. And lawmakers are also discussing the possibility of annual sessions as they look at needed changes.

The Legislature meets once every two years for 120 days. And only the governor can convene a special session.

Assemblyman Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, says it's time to eliminate the biennial sessions. "Meeting every two years does not work any longer," said Segerblom, chairman of the Legislative Committee to Study the Structure and Operations of the Nevada Legislature.

It's funny, because when the Nevada Legislature does meet, legislative leaders often wait until the last few weeks or days to introduce major bills. If legislators are worried about getting more done, they should make better use of the time they have.