March 29, 2012

Lawmakers fined for not fully reporting campaign expenses

Anjeanette Damon has an update to a story the TransparentNevada blog helped publicize last month:

Seven Assembly Democrats who did not report all of their campaign expenses have been fined $150 for violating state campaign finance laws, Secretary of State Ross Miller said Wednesday.

Democrats including Assembly Majority Leader Marcus Conklin, D-Las Vegas, who is facing a difficult re-election campaign this year, failed to report expenses related to their public office, such as rent in Carson City and travel to professional conferences.

They decided against reporting those expenses after receiving advice from their private lawyer, Bradley Schrager, who told them they only had to report expenses directly related to their election efforts.

The $150 fine must be paid from their personal funds, not their campaign's account.

Miller could have fined the lawmakers as much as $5,000 but claimed he settled on $150, in part, because the lawmakers were forthcoming about it when confronted by the Las Vegas Sun.