March 5, 2012

State GOP slightly shrinks Dem voter registration gap

Nevada Republicans shrunk their active voter registration gap with Nevada Democrats by a little over 500 voters, according to February's voter registration numbers, which were released by the Secretary of State's office over the weekend.

As of February 29, the Nevada Democratic Party had 449,675 active voters, while the Nevada Republican Party had 402,611. Non-partisan and third parties combined for 236,655 active voters.

As a share of Nevada's 1,088,941 total active voters, 41.29 percent are registered Democrats, while 36.97 percent are registered Republicans. Non-partisans are the third largest voter group at 15.97 percent.

Republicans trail Democrats by 47,064 active voters, a significant decrease from the active-voter edge of 104,556 that Democrats held in December 2008.